The Hebron Collegium offers fellowships for those who wish to come for a year of meditation, study of the Bible, and investigation of any other area of study. 

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About the Gap-Year Fellowship:

A gap-year is a year of exploration, contemplation and instruction between the graduation from high school and entry into university studies, between the years of university studies, between university graduation and "real life," or even in the midst of "real life" when a new trajectory is needed in order to pursue a life of righteousness in Christ. It is not a degree program oriented toward getting a job, but a developmental arena oriented at forming intentional and disciplined life trajectories.

A bible school is curriculum of personal and devotional development founded on all-around improvement of biblical knowledge through immersion, contemplation and, to some extent, retreat from strictly worldly considerations.

A school for men is a place of learning and growth that recognizes the exceeding value of manhood and manliness to both the individual man and the community he inhabits.

As Hebron is a gap-year bible school for men, initiates will have the opportunity to mature in their understanding of themselves as subjects of the Christian Scriptures, under the personal guidance and coaching of a dedicated local pastor in the expectation that they will emerge confident of their calling into the righteous way of discipleship under the Lord Jesus Christ and certain of their duty, vocational pursuits and direction as sojourners awaiting the homeland of his return.

During your immersion you will:

Read the entire Bible in the fraternity of a select group of like-minded and aspirational young men

Receive personal direction, coaching and study curriculum tailored to interest, curiosity and life-goals, under the direct discipleship of a local pastor

Explore, invest and develop the work of your hands in apprentice-style learning

Experience the value of moderation, temperance and delayed gratification in a monastic-lite community ordered around regular communal worship and the study of the Scriptures of Jesus Christ

The goal of this process is to launch you into real life as a Christian man with the best foundations possible in our gray and latter days. If you join us here, you and I will be working closely together in a mentor/coaching and pastoral relationship. Our conviction is that God will send us a uniquely designed cohort every single year, making your participation in Hebron something unexpected and priceless, a bond of brotherhood and support that you thank him for for the rest of your life.

Start praying for these brothers today, and prayerfully submit your application to gain this heartbeat of mutual work and faith on behalf of the next generation of Christianity.

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