Is there anything worse than debt?

No. Not really. That's why it is the conviction of the Hebron Collegium that young men shouldn't be saddled with it before their life even really begins. The Hebron Collegium is founded on the belief that western institutions are failing. Rather than die easily, most are happy to take you down with them. Not so in Rockford. The time to strike out and build is now. Thanks to a generous foundational gift, the space is ready. The support is here. All that remains needed is you.

How much will it cost, really?

Applicants who are accepted to the Hebron Collegium can expect to have no out-of-pocket expenses beyond their personal needs. Housing will be entirely provided for one full year. Unlike boutique universities which exact tuition costs of tens of thousands of dollars before books, room and board, demanding the amalgamation of federal debt in order to embark on years of propaganda-driven social manipulation, there is no fee for joining the Collegium. The only further cost beyond your own clothing, travel and health-care is the cost of food. This will be handled communally, with a joint kitchen that all members are expected to participate in as part of the curriculum. Along with maintenance work, everything that happens in the Collegium happens because the colleagues achieve it together. Under the direction of tutors, the young men who attend will learn how to manage their resources well, pursue a balanced life of nutrition and wellness, and ready their bodies and minds for a life of intention, self-discipline and success. With the current inflation crisis and serious confusion of our current society, we are not ready at this early juncture to announce the monthly dues for the kitchen co-op. As of this writing, we are only just now closing on the facility and readying to take possession of it in the early spring. But this much is certain: it will be pennies on the dollar compared to your freshman year at college, or even striking out on your own with no support system.

What if I don’t have any money at all?

Then we will help you get a job after you arrive. Rockford, Illinois is a unicorn. Along with a wide-variety of strange and topsy turvy oddities, it is also realm of old-world manufacturing that has not entirely collapsed. Many local factories and industries advertise both jobs and benefits. There is a car wash within bicycle distance that is starting pay at $18/hour The value of the gap-year curriculum is that it is flexible enough to grow with you. If you want to or need to work locally in order to join us, that is an option. If you have financing of your own from family or savings, that is an option as well. Only, do not expect to come and do nothing. The Collegium is not here to be your free ride or party paradise. Space will be limited. Video gaming will be severely restricted. Your application will be accepted because you demonstrate the desire to strike out and trail-blaze a better way than the standard paths are currently offering. If you only desire more high-school, go to college and waste your time. If you want to start living like time matters right now, make application at your soonest opportunity. We are only accepting a limited number of young men every year. Our intention is not to gain what is yours, but to gain you: to put together a team of the best of you, a phalanx of truly exceptional Christian young men poised to stand against these evil days, and when they have done all, to stand firm.